Chocolate Challenge: Accountability Update

January 12, 2012 § Leave a comment

Two days into the challenge, I stumbled. The culprit:

An unassuming peppermint mocha.

The Celtic Coffeehouse brims with gemütlichkeit. Year in and year out, it perfects the cozy cobblestoned charm of downtown New Bedford, with its friendly owners, squishy armchairs, wood-paneled parlors and constant Irish melodies. It’s all the more inviting because all the delicious coffee on hand is from Jim’s Organic — which means you can order away without worrying about unethical sourcing. Talk about cozy!

However, I’ve not asked about what kind of chocolate is used for the drinks they serve, and I should have thought of that before ordering the mocha! Just a good reminder to be diligent, even in wonderful, otherways fair-trade establishments!


Visit the Celtic Coffeehouse in the heart of New Bedford’s historic waterfront! Cash is handy (there’s a $10 minimum on cards, although that’s not hard to surpass with so many delicious homemade treats –and fairtrade coffees!– to choose from!).


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