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When missing people and doubting dreams had made a washing machine of my mind, I took my turning, churning thoughts in hand and went “down to the river to pray”.

Doubts always seem surmountable in the sunlight. A look at the sparkling Charles, at the goslings floating serenely down the river, calms your mind and reinvigorates your purpose.

And, well, the voice that rang through to my telephone unexpectedly was calming, too. And the friend on the other end listened to my worries one by one and offered perspective and laughter and advice.

When,  later, in the bookshop, I saw that advice echoed on magnets, I felt ready to embrace the challenge. I paid $20 for inspiration to slap on my refrigerator door, $4 for my favorite latte, $1 for a truffle spiked with Chambord, and I felt a richer girl than I had been when I had set off on my wander.

And in the sunset, with wisdom in my purse, with a symphony of chocolate and raspberry on my tongue, with pretty memories playing like a movie in my head, I was settled again.

Settled in my soul and ready for the next step.


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