August 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

Year twenty-three has begun in a bit of tempest. There’s been lot of hope and a lot of doubt. Things I put some trust in turning out in confusion, trust and faith built up in other quarters.

Yesterday, I went out in search of a place with a view, to see something bigger than the thoughts whirling in my head. Up closer to the sky, where everything is so immediate, where the birds seem to veer into you and the wind whipping your hair around and makes you feel unsteady, I remembered something that a friend told me not long ago:

It’s an amazing life and you have to live it day by day, minute by minute. Revel in the small joys that the universe gives to you.

Small joys like a sunset unobstructed by trees. A winding path and a person to walk it with. Your favorite drink ice-cold at the end of a dusty day.

Revel above all else in the time you get with the ones who fill you up, with wonder and love and gratitude for the gift of being. Cherish the people who make you see that all that matters is the moment that gives them to you.

More often than we know, the moment is all we have. These last few days I’ve felt this very strongly. We don’t know who will wander away unexpectedly, who will be drawn by another tide. Our private quests and battles take us all in different directions, directions we can’t always predict or understand.

So take care of your people at the crossroads, give them your best, leave the light on in the upstairs window. Walk with them as far as you can, and don’t let doubt or fear or regret or anything else leech away at the fullness that they leave you with. Never cast them away.

Do this, and then don’t worry too much about where you’re going. Trust life a bit and enjoy its views. How amazing it is that we are given the time that we are given.



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