BAKE: Apple Picking, Apple Pie

September 30, 2012 § Leave a comment

I love weekends like this one.

As autumn began to arrive in earnest, the idea came up in a number of conversations that we should have an evening of baking apple pies — to teach and learn, as lovely friends from far away were eager to do. Others were eager pick their own apples in a bonafide orchard, too, so yesterday  we made a day of it in the name of celebrating autumn in New England.

We headed down to Keith’s Farm in neighboring Acushnet to pick our apples for baking and treat ourselves to fresh cider donuts in the barn.

It’s amazing to me how the scent of cinnamon can dispel a whole season and conjure up another.

Even earlier this month, when the sun still shone in its full September splendor, we  hastened the end of summer by the very same spell. Allspice, pumpkin, cloves, nutmeg, and suddenly it’s Fall.

Yesterday really did have a magic to it. We gathered in a circle around the table as the one with the wisdom of experience demonstrated the soft sweep and fold of making pastry dough. We whittled our apples by hand and measured our spices in our fingertips. We ladled out mulled elixir into mismatched mugs and sipped at it around a fire.

To me, this is our heritage at its finest. The fruits of the land the the labor of our hands put towards nourishing one another with something sweet and wholesome.

It’s a universal heritage, isn’t it? The very the best tradition wherever it’s found.


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