Battle Cry for an Age of Alienation

April 19, 2013 § Leave a comment

A scene from my campus today:


Things you don’t see: behind the Black Hawk is a perfect cherry tree and a clover patch which grows mostly four-and-five-leaf clovers. At sunset, this field floods with red-gold light.

The sky over Dartmouth is my panacea. It’s chilling and very, very sad to think that someone else walked here contemplating the destruction of people and places we love.

It goes to show that you never know who you’re dealing or what they’re dealing with – but whatever anyone deals with, I believe the only universal remedy is love and solidarity. Anti-terrorism isn’t comprised of SWAT teams and helicopters, it’s made of little actions that tear down some division, patch over some divide with love and understanding.

So then, let this be our response in the face of terror: to reach out others. Listen, and let someone know they’re heard. Smile at a stranger. Offer your heart up as a punching bag – it aches sometimes to espouse solidarity in this vast, rough world of ours, but it’s better than the alternative of alienation.

It doesn’t have to be big – just spread love with abandon. Be an anti-terrorist every day.


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